purchase a batch of HDPE Geomembrane

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Dear CEO,
Our company would like to purchase a batch of HDPE Geomembrane (with both sides smooth) used for municipal leakproof system. If you are the HDPE Geomembrane producer plz contact us. If you are not the producers or sellers, please forward this e-mail to the related producers or sellers! Thanks a lot!

Please quote us FOB price, including the packing cost.
The technical parameters are as below:

1. The thickness of HDPE Geomembrane: 1.5mm/1.0mm
2. The width of HDPE Geomembrane: 8 m
3. The tensile strength (Vertical and horizontal) MPa: ≥25
4 Breaking elongation (Vertical and horizontal) %: ≥550
5. Right angle tear strength N/mm: ≥110
6. Carbon black content %: 2.0-3.0
7. ESCR (environmental stress crack resistance) F20: ≥1500


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