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    Deer Trail Lodge
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I need tin cans for candle making and for cosmetic creams, cream perfumes, and for lip gloss and lip balm. The tin cans need a lid on them. It can be transparent lid or solid tin lid. It can be a black lid. If you show me examples of printing process and the price if they are printed, that would be great too. The tin can can be round, oval , or square shape. I want the cheapest possible. I don't want a hinged lid. Just something that can be twisted on and off, or just popped off. I need a 1 ounce, or a 1 inch by 1inch size. or maybe that is 4 cm. x 4 cm. size. 2 ounce or a 2 inch by 2 inch size, or maybe that is approximately 6 - 8 cm size tall x 6 - 8 cm wide. 3 ounce quote. or 3 inch high and 3 inch wide, or 10 cm. high and 10 cm. wide. I would like a quote for all three sizes. I would also like a quote for glass jars with lids, and clear plastic jars with lids. The sames sizes and one that are suitable for cosmetics and candles. I would like lids that are black. I would like a quote for printing and for plain with no printing. I am also looking for Jewelry making supplies, Jewelry, Hotel Supplies, Candle making supplies, Fragrance oil, Essentials oils, Cosmetic Supplies and skin care supplies. Thank you. From Denise Cooney.Please contact me as soon as possible,Wishing you successful business with us.thank you!
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    Ms. Denise Cooney
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