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    Euro-East Exports Worldwide Ltd
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Dear Supplier, Hope that you are in the best of health. We have a customer interested in the following item:for usa, europe & australia BABBY CARE PRODUCT Please quote your best FOB Prices, stating the port carefully, along with full packing information and your best delivery times. Please also make sure to include a detailed description of your product, clear pictures and note that we want a product that can match our customers product as described above. Please also specify what quality certification you have and provide details We require 10x45ft Container NOTICE TO ALL SUPPLIERS We are constantly looking for new items or stocks, such as excess inventory, closeout, liquidation, surplus stocks at low prices. I offering stock please specify reason for stock... I.e over production, non-payment, late delivery, end-of-line or any other reasons. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL ITEAM YOU QUOTE US HAVE SUITABLE AND RELEVANT APPROVAL FOR USA , EUROP, & AUSTRALIA. Best Regards, Happy SinghHope to see you as soon as possible after contact.thank you!!Wishing you successful business with us.thank you!!
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Hong Kong(China)
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    Mr. Happy Singh
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