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The product is a 70" x 72" (177.8cm x 182.88cm) 7 or 8 mil (4 or 5 gauge) shower curtain liner with standard metal grommet holes on the top and weights on the bottom. All industry Standard. What is different is this: We need to apply 10 peal-away layers (5 on each side) of the same material that is used for Carpet Protection Tape. Single side sticky 1 or 2 mil material of the same dimentions above with pull tabs on the top. The application of the tape must be factory machine quality as it comes on the Carpet Protection Roll (no air pockets or gaps) We don't have a prototype yet or a picture. After the product and price are approved, we will begin the order process and marketing.Please contact me as soon as possible.thank you!!Wishing you successful business with us.thank you!!
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United States
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    Mr. Steven Butala
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