Economical and quality tyre(LongMarch Tyre)-tyre supplier from china

Dear Sir/Madam:

Firstly,thanks for your time to read my email, i am pollux sun from qingdao waystone tire Co.,ltd.mainly in supply PCR,SUV,OTR ,TBR ect, i am glade to know that your side also in tyre line.

I specially introduce the popular brand of tyre to you: LONGMARCH& china,the longest history of TBR brand is LONGMARCH,Technology supported by DUNLOP,UK,High Technology to ensure tire performance outstanding.

A:Natural Rubber: LONGMARCH tires are produced with the best quality natural rubber imported from Malaysia.

B:Carbon Black: LONGMARCH use CABOT brand carbon black only. CABOT is the best quality manufacture of carbon black well known worldwide.

C:Steel Cord: LONGMARCH use BEKAERT brand steel cord only. BEKAERT is the NO.1 quality manufacture of steel cord for tires

LONGMARCH has been focus on new pattern design, new technology application to manufacture more high quality tyre..

LONGMARCH also have Certificate:REACH/ECE/GCC/INMETRO/SNI/DOT/CCC,so quality can be proved.

I will appreciate it if you can help me delivery this email to your purchasing department,thanks in advance!





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