New Products-Sour Straws/Popping Candy 20140116(From SWEETEAM)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Good day! Hope you are keeping good! This is Bob from Sweeteam Industry and Trading Co., Ltd.

As professional confectionery supplier, we keep continuous innovation and research new、 novelty candy to satisfy your need. I would like to introduce you our new items such as Monster High Tongue Candy、Sour Straws、Jelly Good、Popping Lollipop With Tattoo. Also you could visit our website for other hot sale items or updated products:

Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for your attention to this matter.
M001 Monster High Tongue Candy (With Sour Powder)
O-029 Sour Straws (Filling With Marshmallow)
A049 Jelly Good
I021 Popping Lollipop With Tattoo

Best regards!






PS: if you don’t want to receive our products refresh email, pls feel free to tell us and we will remove your email address form our list. Sorry for any inconveniences bring to you.

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