Chemical buyers

  • Inquiry and contact details:

Pl gv us yr company full name & address, tele no., fax no. & yr mobile no.
Yu hv not gv the information of the following :-
Buyer will not pay Any Container imbalance Charges or port conjection charges ext on benificery account.
How much quantity can be fitted in 1x20’ container.How much will be SGS charges.
Quantity require by the buyer 250 tons to 300 tons.
Pl let us know the following :

a) Do yu hv yr own factory for manufacturing abv goods
b) Whether yr factory is private factory or govt. factory ?
c) Pl also gv us yr product list.
) What is yr monthly production of abv goods

e) SGS certificate should be issued by independent authorities n it should be issued at loading port

f) Pl note, 5% commission is to be paid by yr company to my company as agency commission.

g) Pl gv yr website & also send photo of yr factory & also photo of machines ?

h) Hv yu ever exported abv goods to India ? if so pl gv us the name of them

i) Send us the COA & Technical Specifications along with your prices.

j) BUYER WILL OPEN 100% lc at sig ht frm any nationalized bank from india

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