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    Wai Tat Seafood Production Limited
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We are the owner of one of the restaurant in Hong Kong, selling Japanese style food. We are now finding iron plate for cooking steak. There are several requirements on the iron plate: 1. The iron plate must be hot enough to fully cook the steak. 2. The iron plate could be heat up to 260 degree in a very fast manner, say70 seconds. Also, it could remain hot (approximately 80degree) for more than 20 minutes. 3. The iron plate could be heat up by induction cooker. Please reply to us if your product fulfills the above requirements, as we are going to order large of iron plate for our operation.if you have,please send details to us .thank you!!Wishing you successful business with us.thank you!!we are directly buyer,if you have,please send details to us.thank you!!
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    Ms. TAN SIN LI
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