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Our company "OMK Industries" is going to open two projects of the plant: 1) Production in China (Yunnan, Dali) (bottle Mineral and Pure water 15000 b/h=0.5L) and Soft drinks (lemonade(6000 b/h=0.5L)); 2) Production in Kazakhstan (Almaty) (bottle Ice tea, lemonade (3000 b/h=0.5L) and Ice (cold) coffee beverages (3000 b/h=0.5L)). We are going to to buy equipment for these two projects. Urgently you are required commercial offer with the prices, as well as your idea on marketing and management. Beside us there is already bore hole 200 metres and 300 metres of the depth in Yunnan (China) and Kazakhstan (Almaty) 200 metres Best regards, Galymbek Baimakhanov, Technical manager.Please contact me as soon as possible,Wishing you successful business with us.thank you!
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    Mr. Galymbek Baymakhanov
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